A recent claim that Bitcoin is Turing-complete has sparked excitement, debate and derision. Yet is it really so far-fetched to believe that the Bitcoin scripting language might be Turing-complete?  Consider: C++ templates are Turing-complete SQL can be Turing-complete, allowing databases to create a Turing Machine and draw the Mandelbrot set Many more examples that might surprise you, even […]

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Zcash at 30,000 ft

I’m posting this from somewhere south of Siberia, as I take a flight across the Pacific. Spending 14 hours in a tin can is fairly boring, so I decided at the boarding gate to test out United’s Wifi service and see if I could claim a Zcash altitude record. After take-off, I ponied up $16.99 […]

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Why Off-Chain Transactions Hurt Bitcoin

Growing interest in Bitcoin’s role as a shared public ledger for notarization and digital provenance stems from the realization that distributed consensus is a powerful weapon against fraud, perhaps making Bitcoin’s public blockchain the world’s foremost tamper-proof digital ledger. However, as we now explore, off-chain transactions threaten to undermine Bitcoin’s potential to become the ledger […]

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