Create a Private Blockchain in 90 Seconds

Ever wondered what Bitcoin with native assets and permissions might look like?  If so, check out this short demo of Multichain (a fork of Bitcoin-Core).

MultiChain is backwards compatible with Bitcoin’s JSON-RPC API, so you can easily port your existing Bitcoin applications to MultiChain – and potentially target an enterprise market.

Grab a coffee, check out the white paper and then start hacking on your own private blockchain system.  There’s plenty of developer documentation and if you need technical support, post your questions to the official Q&A forum.


4 thoughts on “Create a Private Blockchain in 90 Seconds

    1. Hi BusyPeter,

      Yes, as long as the two nodes are using different ports, it’s quite easy to do so, . Here’s an example::

      multichain-util create peter
      multichaind peter -daemon

      This will create a node at the folder ~/.multichain/peter. If you didn’t specify a port and rpcport in params.dat when creating the network, random ports will have been chosen for you. In this example, the port is 7723 and rpccport is 7722.

      For the second (or third and fourth…) node on the machine we should create a data directory to store the data for that node.

      mkdir ~/peter2

      Now let’s launch the second node. We pass in as the network name the seed address of NETWORKNAME@ We also specify the -datadir for this second node. We also specify the port and rpcport we want this second node to use.

      multichaind peter@ -datadir=/home/multichain/peter2 -port=17723 -rpcport=17722

      The second node should try to connect, but not have the permissions to do so, so grant permissions as normal.

      multichain-cli peter grant 1VSBPdEQ62W4pco4ekp2MaZp4UDdnxXXuMptZ8 connect,send,receive

      Let’s try and launch the second node again, and this time it should work.

      multichaind peter@ -datadir=/home/multichain/peter2 -port=17723 -rpcport=17722 -daemon

      Now issue an asset to the second node.

      multichain-cli peter issue 1VSBPdEQ62W4pco4ekp2MaZp4UDdnxXXuMptZ8 dollar 1000

      The first node will see the asset but have a balance of 0 dollars.

      multichain-cli peter listassets
      multichain-cli peter getassetbalances

      Let’s check the balance of the second node, which should be 1000 dollars.

      multichain-cli peter -datadir=/home/multichain/peter2 -rpcport=17722 getassetbalances

      Multichain-cli tries to connect to the network peter’s default rppcport, so to avoid having to specify -rpccport=17722 every time, add ‘rpccport=17722’ to multichain.conf located at:


      Then you could enter:

      multichain-cli peter -datadir=/home/multichain/peter2 getassetbalances

      Hope this helps!

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